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Height 1.50
Width 1.50
Depth 3.00
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Here's the perfect blank for turning bottle stoppers and duck calls!  Real alligator jawbone has been carefully cleaned, stabilized, shaped and then hand cast under high pressure using ultra durable Alumilite resin to deliver the best turning experience imaginable.  This blank features a deep green pigment which is sure to turn any project into an elegant work of art.

Extremely sharp tools should be used (preferably carbide tipped) and light cuts are a must.  Proper ventilation and a high quality dust mask should be used to protect your lungs.  Turning gator bone is similar experience to antler so you may notice a slight swampy odor which will quickly dissipate.   Reverse painting the holes or painting the tubes is highly recommended due to the semi-transparent nature of the resin.  After turning and final sanding to shape, it is best to clean the blank with compressed air and then denatured alcohol before applying a final CA finish.

Each blank measures approximately 3" long by 1 1/2" square.  Priced per blank.