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If you enjoy clear casting labels, watch parts, skins, hybrids, etc. and are looking for a semi-permanent solution for tube-in casting, then the new Maneater Crafts “DogBone” tube-in casting mold is for you! It’s a single mold solution that is super simple to use and will work with the majority of turning kits on the market (not to exceed tubes over 12.5mm in diameter). It’s literally a one mold fits all solution!! That includes most pen kits, seam rippers, razors and even darts!


What makes the DogBone so special? To start, it is milled from solid HDPE and is virtually indestructible. It won’t warp or crack like silicone molds. It features two 5.5” x .75” chambers and two sets of silicone inserts. One set has small stoppers for 7mm - 3/8” tubes. The other set has stoppers for 3/8” - 12.5mm tubes. The inserts are replaceable at a cost of $8 per set. The mold body should last for years if properly cared for.


What else is special about the DogBone? Well, the unique design allows the molds to stack one on top of the other. They will self-align with the included rubber feet and if pressure casting in a 2.5 gal pot, you can stack them up to six molds high and two stacks side by side. That gives you the ability to cast up to 24 blanks at a time!! And best of all, no mold caddy it needed!! That makes this mold ideal for hobby casters and volume casters alike!


The DogBone is strictly intended for tube-in casting since the chambers don’t include bottom plugs to assist with blank removal. If you are interested in casting full chamber blanks then please try one of the other Maneater molds. All of the usual casting resins will work great, including Royal Palm, Alumilite and PR (polyester resin).


Important Notes:


A release agent must be used due to the rigidity of the molds.  Maneater Wax Mold Release is highly recommended.  Just brush the release agent into the chambers and on the silicone inserts, ensuring complete coverage.  Allow to dry before pouring your resin.  Also apply a release agent on the rubber plugs to keep them free of any resin buildup caused by potential spillage. 


A rubberized dead blow hammer will help the demold process greatly.  Lightly rap the bottom and sides of the mold once your blanks have fully cured, then turn the mold over and lightly rap the mold ends against your work bench top to see your blanks release.  Based on personal experience, Alumilite and polyester resin blanks will release with little effort at all.  Epoxy blanks may require a few extra raps or a blast of air from a rubberized nozzle before releasing.


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Awesome mold
Written by Candace Hardnett on Jul 3rd 2018

I love my dog bone mold. I have two now because they are so nice. They allow me to cast almost any size tube.

Fantastic solution
Written by Joel Taylor on Jun 6th 2018

I have a few of these molds and they work great. As a high volume caster I find these molds a must for those one off long tube requests. It is easy to use, solidly made and produces flawless blanks. Well worth the investment!